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Online youthplan

150+ basic skills

Planning youthplan

Drills per skill

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Create an online practice plan

More than 300 drills

Create your own drills

Draw basketball diagrams

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Basketball youthplan online

With the onlinebasketballacademy, coaches can teach basketball to children in a structured way by making a youth plan online. With this tool, coaches can determine which skills to teach on what level. This way a recognozable way of playing will be developed and it will make it easier for children to progress to the next level.

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basketball youthplan planning
basketball skills

150+ Basketball skills

We described more than 150 basketball skills per age category and provided these skills with images, videos and teaching points. All skills have one or more drills attached which you can add to your online practice plan with a single click.

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300+ Basketball drills

Search in more than 300 ready made basketball drills or create your own drills, draw your own basketball diagrams and add them with 1 click to your online practice plan. View your drills on your tablet or smartphone or save as PDF.

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basketball drill
basketball diagram

Draw your own basketball diagrams

With our integrated drawingtool for basketball diagrams every coach can create his own drills and playbooks and add them with a single click to his online practice plan.

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Practice plan

Find a drill, select the section of your practice plan and add the drill with a single click to your online practice plan. View the practice plan on a tablet of smartphone or save it as PDF.

Besides general information, announcements and tracking attendance of your players there are also possibilities of entering reflections for educational purposes.

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basketball practice plan
basketball player manager

Manage players and teams

Using the player manager, coaches can manage their teams by creating profiles of their players, keeping statistics, performing assessments and keeping track of player voluntary tasks.

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Game manager

Manage your games with the game manager from the onlinebasketballacademy. Create game plans, manage statistics and evaluate your games in an easy way.

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basketball game manager

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